Food & Restaurants

Tried and True

Places and/or dishes that never let us down, are sure to never fail, and consistently deliver good food and drinks.

Tried & True: Royers Round Top Cafe

Confession time…I've been holding out on you all, and I have not been completely honest! I've been dealing with a major addiction for several years!…

Tried and True - Frank's Grill and Avalon Diner

I've always opted for a diner when choosing a place to have a quick, inexpensive, and good breakfast...without all the extra fluff that comes along…

Union Kitchen - Let's Start With the Basics

How do you distinguish between an average brunch spot and one that you visit quite frequently, and as a matter of fact, is typically the…

Tried and True - El Tiempo Cantina

When you have a food blog folks are always asking you where they should go for this or that type of food (or drinks). During…

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