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Black Napkin

5 Black Napkins - "We've been twice this week, seriously!"
4 Black Napkins - "They know us by name...first and last!"
3 Black Napkins - "Good. And yes, we did write home about it."
2 Black Napkins - "Note to self; pass on this one."
1 Black Napkin - "Gift cards are not welcomed...EVER!"

Black Napkin Review - Kiran's Restaurant and Bar

When trying to come up with words that describe Kiran's Restaurant and Bar, the food, the staff, the experience, and Chef Kiran Verma; it was…

Black Napkin Review - The Bird and The Bear

Our hearts fluttered as we entered. Loud music pierced through our ears that seemed to increase in intensity as we drew closer. We stood in…

Black Napkin Review - J Alexander's

J Alexander'sThe Black Napkin Review Being a huge fan of Houston's Restaurants, I was disappointed when J Alexander's occupied the Westheimer/Wilcrest location some years back.…

Black Napkin Review - Sorrel Urban Bistro (CLOSED)

Local and sustainable seems to still be going strong across the nation and in Houston we, as we like to say, ARE ALL IN. So…

Brasserie 19 - Playing That Funky Music!

Brasserie 19Playing That Funky Music We know Houston is one of the top cities for dining out in the nation, but somehow we have very…

Felix 55 - The Shift Change Woes (Now Closed)

Felix 55The Shift Change Woes We walked into Chef Michael Kramer’s, formerly of The Voice, new Rice Village spot, and instantly feel in love with…

TQLA Houston - We Are Official Tequila Groupies! (CLOSED)

TQLA HoustonWe Are Official Tequila Groupies! How much do you love Tequila? Well it seems like all they do at TQLA Houston is pay homage…

Black Napkin Review - Eddie V's CityCentre

Eddie V's City Centre When Eddie V's initially announced its first location in Houston, we were super excited! With Houston being such a hot place…

Black Napkin Review - Brennan's Houston

Brennan's Houston It's funny, but the only time I have gone to Brennan's Houston was during Houston Restaurant Week. With my family ties reaching into…

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