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Japaneiro's Sushi Bistro and Latin Grill

Urban Swank Does...Japaneiro's

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Japaneiro's Sushi Bistro and Latin Grill

Japaneiro's is a cuisine categorized by the uniting of Japanese and Latin. I took an opportunity to drop by Japaneiro's during their happy hour as I had not been in quite some time. Not too long ago, I had to deal with a weekly craving of their shrimp dumplings! After my short stint away, it was time to come back home.

Typically when I visit Japaneiro's, I start with a Philadelphia Roll and the crazy tasty Shrimp Dumplings! Today was no different. I have been there over a dozen times and I have yet to skip on my fave. If you go, you must try them. Quite boils down to the peanut (dipping) sauce. Now, I have tried various peanut sauces in my day but this one is not dry to the palette and has a bit of sweetness that puts this sauce in my top 3. Yes, my top three! With that said, I have often wondered how else I could use this sauce. Then, I began to think of dishes that have gone completely wrong because they have been covered in Japaneiro's peanut sauce! Entering reality...sometimes a sauce is just great with the provided pairing. There is no need to come up with your! I just slapped my hand and deducted points for bad foodie behavior. can ruin a perfectly good dish that way.

For their drinks, their margaritas are pretty good too. I got about half way through one and felt a little tingle running alongside my forehead! Yep...clear indication that you’ve got a hold of a good one. That’s takes me to another side note...a great margarita does not have to be too strong and must still taste like a margarita. If you are a margarita fan as I understand this. For appetizers, the Shrimp Tempura (classic) and the Avocado Cream soup are a must. For dinner, it is a tie between their Churrasco steak and the Blackened Sea Bass. The sea bass comes with black beans and an island salad, but I always exchange the salad for their fresh green vegetable of the evening; either the asparagus or broccoli. Both are very fresh and seasoned just right.

Now Japaneiro’s is the first restaurant that I have seen to attempt the Sushi and Latin fusion and be very successful at it. I love the concept. The freshness of Japanese cuisine mixed with the burst of flavors found in Latin cuisine...such a great match. The sushi is great... and the Shaggy Dog is worth a mention. Don't forget to drop by Japaneiro's for happy hour. There are several dishes that I enjoy here. They have a ton of specials (too many to list) from food to cocktails, beer, and wine. A few of their rolls are $7, cocktails and wine are $5 and beer starts at $2. Most of the food items are $5. Happy hour is from 3-6 p.m. every day. Enjoy!


~ Urban Swank, Shanna "Urban Girl" Jones

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Written by Shanna Jones
Shanna Jones

Shanna Jones

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